The art I love seems to say this to me: ‘Look at what is going on around you – in all its richness and detail and colour, its beauty and its ugliness; don’t stop looking and thinking about what you see; but also don’t forget that it is you who are looking, that you have a position and a place from where you look – and so do other people. Inhabit that place fully.’

This latter invitation, the invitation to inhabit one’s perspective – to understand and own it for all its difficulty and its complexity in as mindful a way as possible – seems to me central to the practice of twenty-first-century, postmodern psychoanalysis. The point here is that all of us have a perspective – which is not static of course, but changes and develops – and we can choose, in the stories we tell ourselves about our lives, to be more or less true to it.

– Arabella Kurtz, The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy (2015)


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