The marriage-industrial complex has largely succeeded. Even Americans who scoff at self-help books and would never hire a “relationship telecoach” spout the wisdom of the marriage-industrial complex anyway, without knowing where it originated. It has come to seem obvious to Americans that the discovery of infidelity leads to a confrontation, followed by counselling, perhaps other forms of support, and a long period of discussion and recovery (sometimes in perpetuity). Americans absorb this chronology through magazine articles, television shows, and advice from friends. If you’ve ever sat your partner down to discuss your relationship, or if you believe that after your wife cheats on you it’s best to talk about what happened, or if you treat infidelity as a problem that can be solved, the marriage-industrial complex has gotten to you.

– Pamela Druckerman, Lust in Translation: Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee (2007)


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