Notes (March #5)

The Power by Naomi Alderman: Sexual dimorphism as basis for broader power differentials. Distribution of power in criminal gangs. Power as ability to control expectations and access to resources. Historical power. Internalised weakness. Learned helplessness. Power and desire. Religious authority, sources of. Miracles as demonstrations of control over natural world. Integration of new powers into existing structures of oppression. Structural inertia. Myth-makers placing shackles on the mind. “Bureaucracies are slow.” Native aggression vs training. Biological vs situational determinism.

On my deathbed I’ll probably regret spending so little time in libraries.

From The Noise of Time: “Fear: what did those who inflicted it know? They knew that it worked, even how it worked, but not what it felt like. ‘The wolf cannot speak of the fear of the sheep,’ as they say.”

Franz Fanon: “Frightened! Frightened! Now they were beginning to be afraid of me. I made up my mind to laugh myself to tears, but laughter had become impossible.”


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