Atlanta S2E11


EARN: I’m getting better at this. You know that.

DARIUS: Naw, I know.

EARN: You know.

DARIUS: I see you, man, I see you . . . learning. Well, learning requires failure. Al’s just trying to make sure you ain’t failing in his life. Y’all both black so y’all both can’t afford to fail.

EARN: Do Nigerians get a chance to fail?

DARIUS: Don’t you start that. You know Nigerians don’t fail.



NANCY: Marianne says he was a remarkable man.

PATRICK: You should have heard the remarks.

NANCY: Was it a difficult relationship, Patrick?

PATRICK: Yes, Nancy. Yes, it was.

JERRY: When did the trouble start?

PATRICK: 9th of June, 1906. The day he was born.

JERRY: Well, fatherhood was very different in those days.

NANCY: Yes, perhaps he just didn’t know how to express his love.

PATRICK: Cruelty is the opposite of love, not some inarticulate expression of it.

Britannia S1E1


CAIT: How many are there?

DIVIS: Around twenty thousand, with more on the way.

CAIT: How do you know?

DIVIS: Because I went to the underworld and I spoke to some people I know there, people who can see everything, and they told me.

CAIT: You went to the underworld.

DIVIS. Yesterday. It’s a long story. One I am forbidden to tell you.