“Ordination” by Nicolas Poussin

There were eight sons of Zebedee, all fishermen, all given to drunken debauchery.

Mary Magdalene’s pregnancy (noticed a month after Jesus’ crucifixion) was the first recorded case of superfecundation in Jewish history.

After Jesus died, Matthew returned to his old job. He was voted tax collector of the year in 37 CE.

For a while, Judas was worshipped by gnostics in Ephesus. In their sacred texts he is called Godslayer and the Undeceived.

Peter and Pontius Pilate became friends. They attended executions together. They went on holidays to Rome.

To his diary Pilate confessed, “I find the Galilean’s ignorance refreshing. His mind is a cloudless sky untarnished by thoughts.”

John the Beloved was also known as “the disciple who moisturises.” He was hairless. His skin was smooth. He had tiny hands.

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